British Petroleum – Iraq

Project Description

Since 2014, Marapco has been supplying highly customised canopied gensets to B.P’s site at Rumaila Oil Field in Iraq through Rainbo Supplies in the UK. These specialised sets ranging from MP450E to MP710E are equipped with, fire valves, fuel transfer systems, single lift points, internally mounted spark arrestors, safety isolation equipment, 3 way fuel valves, bunded base frames, battery isolator switches, battery chargers, retaining door bars, earth leakage protection, manual fuel pumps, low fuel level alarms, motorised circuit breakers and an acoustic weatherproof canopy.

The gensets are all supplied with the Deep Sea 8610 genset to genset synchronising and load sharing panel. Recently, Marapco were successful in the tender for an additional 4 x MP710E gensets to the oil field, dispatching June 2019.

These Marapco Diesel Generators are all made in the UK and as an official SSOEM of Perkins, can be supported with genuine Marapco branded Perkins Parts, Warranty and aftersales service.

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