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Engine Jacket Water Heater

The engine jacket water heater is designed to keep the engine block temperature around 40°c. Engine jacket water heaters would normally be used in stand-by applications or in cold climate countries to ensure the block is kept warm when the engine is stationary. This helps the engine accept load better compared to when the engine block is cold.


AC Alternator Heaters

These heaters are designed to stop condensation from forming on the exciter stator and main stator windings to stop premature failure when the Alternator has been installed in humid conditions or places where there is a large temperature difference between day and night.


Fuel Level Float Switch

The fuel level float switch can be used in many applications. It can be used as an input to let the genset operator to know when the fuel level is low or used to control an automatic fuel top-up system along with other components.


Battery Isolator Switch

The battery isolator switch is designed to disconnect the battery from the genset when the genset is not going to be used for a period of time (stops battery charge drainage). Primarily used in rental applications.


Low Coolant Level Switch

This switch prevents the generator from starting or running on a low coolant level which can cause major damage to the engine. If the coolant drops below the switch level it will shut the engine down or prevent it from starting if the coolant level has dropped whilst the engine has been in standby.


Volt Free Contacts

Volt free contacts can be used for many different applications. It allows the user to have a ‘voltage free’ contact that they can use to bring on a remote alarm, flashing light, input into a BMS system etc. These would be configured in the factory during genset assembly according to customer specification. Common requests would be Common Alarm, Genset ready to load, Genset running etc.


Fire Valve Assembly

The fire valve is used in a more specialist application and can be fitted inside the generator canopy or genset room. The complete assembly consists of the fuel valve and drop weight (shown in the picture), the other parts are a fusible link and catenary wire. The wire and fusible link go from the valve across the engine and fixed at certain points to the wall or inside of the canopy. In the unlikely event of a fire on the engine the fusible link would melt causing the fire valve to drop and cut the fuel supply to the engine which then stops the engine.


AC Battery Charger

This type of battery charger will ensure the generator set batteries are fully charged for when the generator is required to start . The charger is powered by an auxiliary AC supply and fitted in standby or other specialist applications.

Remote Annunciator

This would be used in an application where the customer requires any alarms or shutdowns on the generator set to be displayed in the office/building of the site manager or person who looks after the generator set. The individual alarms/shutdowns can be programmed according to customer specification. The maximum distance between the generator control panel and remote annunciator is a 1km (0.6mile)


Electronic Governor

Electronic governors can be retro fitted onto conventional mechanical fuel injection pumps to change from Droop load control to Isochronous Load control. All electronic engines come with Isochronous load control as standard.


Limit Switch

The limit switch is fitted to provide electrical protection and safety. If the genset breaker box cover has not been fitted the genset breaker will not close.


Spark Arrestor Silencer

This is a combination of an exhaust silencer and spark arrestor built into one. The main function of the spark arrestor is to prevent burning carbon particles in the exhaust gas going to the atmosphere which can be hazardous in certain environments.


Single Point Lift

The single point lifting eye allows easy craning of the genset. It allows the generator set to be lifted from one point instead of using a special lifting beams to spread the weight evenly onto the four points.

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