Marapco Parts


The 2019 @meelectricity marks a number of special occasions for @marapco. Coinciding with the announcement of being appointed by @PerkinsEngines as an SSOEM, Marapco is unveiling Marapco Branded Perkins parts(insert a link to webpage). One of the last hurdles to achieving (SSOEM) status, was the introduction of branded packaging. Jason and the team at Marapco worked determinedly over the past three months to develop a new packaging design and roll it out across the full range of Perkins parts.  Marapco also liaised with Perkins’ hologram supplier to develop a unique Marapco hologram, offering a superior level of product protection from fraud and counterfeit parts. Whenever you order a Marapco part you can be assured you will be receiving a genuine part.


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